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“I wanted to add a healthful option to our snack and dessert offerings.  I selected frozen banana novelties from Totally Bananas. At first, I was somewhat dubious if a better-for-you product could compete with less healthful options. My reservations melted away as quickly as those novelties began to outsell some of our less healthful options. People of all ages can be seen enjoying these treats around the park. The product is almost contagious, in a positive way.  I heartily recommend Totally Banana’s products to other food and beverage managers.”

Dawn Smith, Food & Beverage Manager: Miami Seaquarium

“I see your bananas flying off the shelves at our other stores. They are awesome. Please add my store to your location list. ”

Montie Miller, CVS Store Manager: Bayside, Miami

“As a company that does business with zoos, aquariums, theme parks, major and minor league stadiums, we at the Phoenix Snow Group are always looking for new and exciting products to add to our line of offerings.  We added Totally Bananas products to a nationally renowned zoo to test the public's reception, as well as long-term viability in similar venues.  We couldn't be more pleased.  Totally Bananas products are very high quality, they have been delivered on time and have food cost that allow for a model of solid profitability.  It is the Phoenix Snow Groups intention to expand with Totally Bananas and grow our revenue stream associated with these quality products.”

Amanda Frederick,  General Manager, The Phoenix Snow Group: New Orleans, LA

“I had one of your banana novelties at the Jacksonville Zoo this weekend. It changed my life! I would love to purchase some for my home. Please let me know where I can purchase them.”

James Klempin,  Happy customer: The Ponte Vedra, FL

We discovered your banana novelties while on vacation and had them everyday. Amazing, the best ever. We have Diana’s Bananas in Chicago but yours blow them away. We don’t eat dairy so we are always looking for dairy free items. I’ll contact your distributors when we get back and hopefully will be able to stock the freezer!

Mark Stein,  Happy customer: Chicago, IL

I bought one of your sprinkle bananas at a MUVICO theater in West Palm Beach. I was instantly hooked! I went back the next week to have more (and to see another movie) :-) 

Valarie Polkras,  Happy customer: West Palm Beach, FL

OMG! I absolutely LOVE your products!

Joseph,  Happy customer: Hollywood, FL

Customers agree: Our products are OMG good. That's why customers come back again, and again, and again.

One taste and you'll agree that our treats are Delightfully Ahh-peeling TM

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