Do your banana novelties contain GMO ingredients?


The main ingredient of our novelties, bananas, are naturally non-GMO. Our Chocolate Banana Dream Pops are made using only non-GMO ingredients, which are verified by their manufacturer. Our single serve novelties contain some GMO ingredients.

Are your banana novelties dairy free?

Yes, all of our novelties are dairy free. Some ingredients come from facilities that use milk. Care is taken to avoid cross contamination. Our packaging makes note of this.

Are your banana novelties vegan certified?

Our banana novelties are dairy free. However, the FDA does not currently offer a formal program for vegan certification. Thus, our products are not officially vegan certified.

Do your Banana Dream Pops contain palm oil?


Our Dream Pops contain no palm oil. Our full size products contain no ingredients with palm oil except for rainbow sprinkles.


Do your banana novelties contain artificial flavors or colors?


The toppings on three of our single novelties (rainbow sprinkle, strawberry crunch, and cookies and cream) contain artificial flavors and colors. Our peanut, coconut, and plain single serve novelties contain no artificial flavors or colors. Our Chocolate Banana Dream Pops contain no artificial flavors or colors.

Are your banana novelties gluten free?


The toppings on two of our single novelties (strawberry crunch, and cookies and cream) are not gluten free. All of our other products are gluten free.

How does Totally Bananas support sustainable farming?


Our Chocolate Banana Dream Pop product is Rainforest Alliance (TM) certified. Over 60% of the bananas used to make those products come from farms that are certified by the Rainforest Alliance (TM).


Do your products contain allergens that I should be aware of?


We offer a single serve novelty that is topped with peanuts. Additionally, the chocolate coating used on our products, though dairy free, is sourced from a facility that manufactures milk chocolate. Precautions are taken to avoid cross contamination. As a further precaution, the ingredient panel on our products  states that the products are manufactured in a facility that uses milk and peanuts.

Are your banana novelties kosher certified?


Yes, all of our products are produced under the supervision of the ORB (Orthodox Rabbinical Board of Broward and Palm Beach counties, Florida). Our products are certified as ORB-DE. The DE certification indicates that the products are parve but produced on equipment that has been in contact with milk. This symbol is displayed on all of our packaging.

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